British Awards Dinner - What a Shocker.

There I was minding my own business clapping along to the presentation at the British Championship Awards Dinner when my name gets called. Eak! Those of you that know me know I'm quite a quiet, hide in the background type of person so walking out in front of everyone is really not where I am comfortable and so the next few minutes, probably just a few seconds in reality, is a bit of a blur.

I'm truly honoured to have been awarded the Moran Motorhomes Marshals Trophy for 2010 for services to the sport, or something like that! - I can't remember the exact sub heading that was on the awards paperwork and I really am still quite puzzled why I received it. But thank you.

I really felt out of a place taking an award that is so clearly named 'Marshal' - many of the midland marshals will tell you that one of my favourite sayings is 'But I'm not a Marshal' when being invited to use their facilities or their social events - so it meant a lot to me when the past winners who were there on the night offered their congratulations and made me feel welcome in their 'club'. That's Vicki Harper, Dave Wickham, Peter & Dave Smith and Jerry Sturman. Obviously thank you also to everyone else that has offered their congratulations.

Through spending the majority of my time at events on their side of the fence I have watched marshals, and rescue, at work and have utmost regard for the work that they do to make the sport possible. Trackside, between start and finish really is a separate world to the paddock and spectator areas with a totally different atmosphere. It's a pity that those worlds stay mostly separted after a meeting, with many marshals not getting to put faces or names to cars or helmets, but unfortunately I think that is the nature of the sport and them being on post all day. I know I found the same problem when I was spending all day up the hills and that is why I now try to spend more time in the paddocks, but unfortunately that's not an option for them. Anyway, I think the lack of sleep is catching up with me and I'm starting to ramble!

Thank you again for the award, thank you for your support, thank you to everyone that helped me have a fantastic night last night and I look forward to seeing you all thoughout 2011 - Oh, and of course congratulations to all the other award winners.