Well done Scott

Congratulations to Scott Moran on winning the British Hillclimb Championship title for 2008 at yesterday's round at Gurston Down. Martin Groves, who was the only other driver with a chance of winning, lost out due to more car problems - he definately hasn't had much luck with it this year. He still managed to show his talent by taking the morning's top 12 win. Jos Goodyear had qualified fastest but failed in the run after a visit to the recticel. He made amends by taking the afternoon's top 12 win and best time of the day. Hopefully a good sign for 2009, though there is still quite a bit of 2008 left.

Sunday was my first visit to Gurston Down. The chance of Scott claiming the title was a big draw but I also wanted to see how I managed a day trip to one of the further away events as I'm thinking about how much time to devote to this for next year - The trip was fine but I think I might have to go campervan shopping.

My photos from Gurston Down have been added to the gallery now and the following sites also have photos: - 2T4T, ExposureCompensation (if you know of any others, let me know and I'll add a link)