2009 British hillclimb season gets off to cracking start

After the long winter the hillclimb season is finally here. I'll leave the commentary to others (HDLCC, Top 12 Run Off) but it was a fantastic weekend with great racing, great people and great weather. Here's to a full a season just like it - though I think I'll keep my waterproofs packed.

Photos from the first competitive event at Loton Park are now available here.

I want to start off the year by thanking the guys at Malvern Motorsport Timing Services (MMTS) again for giving access to their timing data which makes it much easier for me to label up the images with driver/car details so you can easily search for particular entrants. I had some technical issues that stopped me adding this info for some events last year but those have now been updated. Also thanks to Uphill Racers forum for the initial download of the MMTS software.