Gurston Results & the British Championship

Others may well have worked this out but as it has just taken me ages to do is so I thought I would share it here. I think it is right! [Updated: The original details were totally wrong! This is attempt number 2!]

For Scott Moran not to become British Champion at Gurston Down for the second year in a row Trevor Willis needs to score at least 14 points more than him. If Scott comes away with less than 4 points then Trevor has a currently dropped 6 that could come into play. In that case Trevor can still keep a chance alive by scoring at least 8 points more than Scott's total in one round.

The scoring rules don't make it easy!

It seems likely that the celebrations will be at Gurston again.

There are plenty of other battles in the championship table to keep interest up till the end of the year. Thankfully most will now be dropping 0 points so it makes it easier to follow them!