Remote Camera - Working to get new angles and be more creative

New for 2011 I will be using a remote camera to bring new angles to you and also to help ensure I get a shot of every competitor.

Since I am track side on a press pass I think it is important to do my best to get a shot of every competitor. To date this has meant I have been focusing on shooting safe shots, where I know the majority will come out ok, and not taken many riskier shots where maybe only 1 in 10 attempts will produce usable results. I hope the remote camera will be able to take on the job of getting a shot of everyone in the can and give me more time to try some new things - and maybe even to talk to more drivers! (Please say hi if you see me about)

So what is the remote camera? Well it is a small Canon SLR that can be placed in places that would be distracting, dangerous or impossible for me to stand. Generally I expect it will be clamped to the back of armco so it will be somewhat protected. Originally I was going to use my old SLR for this but I have brought a new camera to get the better quality from it - so I'm going to try to avoid giving you the chance to drive over it!

The camera is then connected to a radio shutter release which I can either trigger myself from a safe location or, hopefully the majority of the time, can be set off using a light beam similar to those used to time the cars. By using the Burt strut to trigger the camera the system can be left alone for a set of runs and the results can be edited quickly as the cars will be in similar positions in all the frames. John & Roger Warren of MMTS Ltd (the timing providers for the majority of events I go to) have been a big help with this and their site at is a great help in getting photos labelled.

I had chance to test the system for the first time at Loton Park last weekend and am very pleased with the results. Thankfully, as that is the hill I am at the most, the Clerks of the Course know me and are used to me doing puzzling things! Hopefully, as I get examples of what I'm doing, it will be something I can clear with other Clerks.

As the remote shots will all be very similar I will add them in to a sub albums so hopefully the main albums will stay interesting to look though. The remote shots will show up whenever you search for photos of a driver.

Post a comment below or use the contact form at the top right if you have any questions.

Hope you all have a good 2011 season.