Quick British Championship Update

Following the two rounds at Shelsley Walsh at the weekend Scott Moran has extended his lead in the British Hill Climb Championship. There are still three other drivers who could claim the title - Trevor Willis, Roger Moran and Wallace Menzies - but Scott's lead is now virtually insurmountable.

Next weekend is the second trip of the championship down to Gurston Down near Salisbury where Scott won both runoffs earlier in the year. Even if he wins the first runoff of the event this time, and his closest competitors gets no points, he still will not claim the title [1]. It can only be after the second run off that the championship could be decided, and it is fairly likely it will be.

Due to the dropped scores used in the championship, where a drivers best 28 results from 34 rounds are used, it is very hard to say who needs to do what over the weekend to keep the championship open or to win it [2]. I am going to see if there is any way in which to condense it down into a crib sheet so as it is a little easier to tell if the championship has been won or who is still in the running rather than the confusion that normally comes with the last few rounds.

While I'm making a post can I say sorry for the 'coming soon' events in the gallery. I process and label the images before putting them on the site and, with a business to run and losing most Fridays due to packing and travelling to events, sometimes I run out of time. I'm trying to focus on editing the latest event and then using any spare time on past ones rather than just being months behind. To give you an idea I currently have 4007 photos waiting to be sorted. If I spend just a minute on each one that is over 66 hours work. They will get done - eventually.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me again this year. It has been really good to get to know a few more drivers and other people around the sport and it really is a great group of people. I'm feeling fairly burnt out now after doing so many events this year, and editing so many images, so I'm going to have a think over the winter about what I'm going to do next year.

See you at Gurston.

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[1] If Scott was to win with a hill record in the first runoff his lowest possible total points score for the year would be 243.
If Roger and Trevor both failed to score they would still both be able to overtake Scott with future results - if they won with records in all the remaining rounds their totals would be 261 and 250 respectively.

[2] With realistically 3 drivers involved in the fight and two runoffs over the weekend there are over 1.7 million (11*11*11 * 11*11*11) possible results combinations to take into account.