Midland Hill Climb Awards Dinner

Last night was the Midland Hill Climb Championship awards dinner and it was nice to get out and see everyone again. I was asked to put together the presentation for the evening that shows the details of each award winner along with a photo. To try to make it a little more interesting I produced a slide show for each driver that played while they were collecting their award. Those clips are on youtube now if anyone wanted to have a look.

Midland Hill Climb Championship Presentation Slide Shows

To get that done I had to make sure I had all the Midland Championship events processed and uploaded so I could select some photos for each driver so if you look though the site you will see some of the "coming soon" gaps have been filled. To get everything done in time I've been spend a huge number of hours on photos recently so the remaining events wont go up at the same rate but I will get them done as soon as possible.

There are two Loton events left to do and I'll get those done next so as that is the Midland hills complete.

Thank you to everyone that has expressed an interest in CDs. Once the Midlands are done I'll send out an email to let you know and I can then produce CDs for those where all the events they were at have been completed.

If you haven't registered your interest please fill in the form and I'll make sure you are kept updated. There is no commitment to buy at this point.