2012 Images - Changes to how I will work

To save some time this year, rather than editing all photos before they go on the site, I'm going to upload rough black and white uncropped images and then spend more time on processing the images that are purchased. This should mean I can get the images up more quickly, avoid getting behind, keep up my motivation and focus more time on the drivers that support me.

I realise it is a step down from what I have done in previous year, that it might disappoint some people and that the rough photos won't look as good but this should save me a lot of time each week and needs to be done if I am still going to cover as many events. In 2011 I was spending around a day and a half each week editing photos, as well as the two and a half days at events.

Hopefully people will understand that the final photos will look better than they do on the site.