Warming up at Prescott

Well, here we go. The British Hill Climb Championship (and Midland) is underway again and, if things go to plan, I'll now be on the hills every weekend till October. Just typing that is quite daunting and I hope I can keep the motivation up. Having just finished sorting out the photos from the weekend I have been reminded how much time it takes away from the hills to get everything sorted.

Though Prescott was my third hill climb weekend this year I'm still feeling very rusty and really aren't that happy with the results. Hopefully I'll do better this weekend at Shelsley for the next round of the Midland Championship. I'm sure a bacon & brie bagettue, which I avoided at Prescott as it should remain a Shelsley Special, will sort me out.

Thankfully the marshals, rescue & medics that were at Prescott don't seem to be rusty and delt very smoothly with the incidents of the weekend. I won't go into details, partly because it is quite confusing what you see (BBC have an interesting series on eyewitnesses that I'm meaning to catch up with), but it's something I really don't want to see again.

So what else is there to say... The Top12Runoff runoff site has become active again over the winter. The main reason I maintained a championship table here last year was because I couldn't find another public source for one. Since that site is now being maintained that should probably be used as official standings. I have already written the code to produce the table here so I may as well try to keep it updated and will get that done shortly.