Shelsley Photo Exhibition

Over the weekend I had the chance to display a few photos and the 1 Day at Shelsley Walsh timelapse in the old canteen at Shelsley. Though it was a very last minute thing I decided it was worth the effort as it's not an opportunity that is likely to repeat itself any time soon.

The rush did mean that there were some rough edges that could have been done better but overall I was pleased with how it went and it was nice to get some direct feedback on what people liked. I really wasn't thinking of it being a chance to sell photos so I'm sorry to anyone that asked me about prices and I looked totally confused. I've always focused on selling the digital files, as I think it gives you the most flexibility on sizes, mountings, etc and it also keeps the cost down, so I was struggling to come up with a figure as I was also unsure of the costs of the frames etc. I had been awake till the early hours framing the prints so probably wasn't my most alert!

Though I'm unlikely to be at Shelsley in September - another trek to Doune & possibly Bo'ness is calling - the exhibition should be open again for anyone that wants to view it then.

The other people who displayed work were Geoff Robinson, Shireen Broadhurst, Derek Hibbert and Becca Parker - who also did most of the organising.