British Hill Climb Championship Results 2009

The table on this page shows the results of the 2009 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers compete over 34 rounds with the total of their best 28 results deciding the result

PosDriver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334TotalDropFinal
1Scott Moran911997310910101010109110106109591091010501092493246
2Trevor Willis068896567768888977791091088101010102245219
3Roger Moran536410645556777781067810889999099721311202
4Martin Groves119101010881090999119109881071840184
5Chris Merrick457787786847644859906501340134
6Paul Ranson603997898446666523571130113
7Tom New24544504705552434477687087
8Will Hall0102322240257006562457076583083
9Deryk Young87452465357738680080
10Eynon Price002632111468639640723175075
11Paul Haimes32153003133321452342538066066
12Rob Turnbull203300351029845045
13Oliver Tomlin0032025644452441041
14Chris Guille01086832032
15John Bradburn032082316126026
16Wallace Menzies0341044622022
17Jos Goodyear78621021
18Steve Owen105360217017
19Jonathan Rarity17816016
20Mark Coley40210411011
21Alastair Crawford21100010013909
22Peter Marsh8808
23James Blackmore17808
24Adam Steel152808
25Andrew Platt300041808
26Geoff Guille34707
27Andy Coley042001707
28Pat Roche23100606
29Lee Adams5505
30Ash Mason03303
31Adam Fleetwood1011303
32Tim Wilson020202
33Frank Byrnes02202
34Simon Marsh02202
35Paul Webster11202
36Mark Goodyear010101
37Sandra Tomlin10101
38Mike Fitzsimons1101
39John Chalmers1101
40Nick Saunders1101
41Dave Gardner00000
42John Jones0000
43Jason Mourant0000
44Justin Smith0000
45Peter Herbert0000
46John Forsyth0000
47Stewart Robb jnr0000

Key:  Extra point for hill record  |  Dropped score 

Round 6 at Barbon Manor was cancelled due to heavy rain causing a delay during the meeting. The Championship will now be decided on the best 27 results from 33 rounds.