British Hill Climb Championship Results 2010

The table on this page shows the results of the 2010 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers competed over 34 rounds with the total of their best 28 results deciding the result

PosDriver 1 2 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334TotalDropFinal
1Martin Groves88910101078101011101011110791097109107991091026821247
2Scott Moran1010109101099949997810689810810910910924810238
3Trevor Willis9975763081087871197810100343491078782129203
4Roger Moran77886577109056878996677554565476620523182
5Chris Merrick535491055005433159756107782103551421141
6Paul Ranson636566983506700108666286871370137
7Tom New2526888791222446449870221120112
8Wallace Menzies0640655533585230053472072
9Deryk Young6757467602344162062
10Will Hall001001530444664334141357057
11Eynon Price63037663210107256056
12Rob Turnbull4204228020108639039
13Oliver Tomlin3403111820120026026
14Lee Adams5606522022
15Richard Spedding142428021021
16John Bradburn40243203018018
17Ash Mason0231252015015
18Paul Haimes30032311011
19Jonathan Rarity2231808
20Steve Owen1010050707
21Stewart Robb4300707
22Chris Guille0500001606
23Peter Herbert32505
24John Chalmers01200303
25Andrew Forsyth1101303
26Graeme Wight Jnr2202
27John MacKenzie11202
28Jason Mourant1101
29Tim Torode1101
30Mike Manning1101
31Andy Coley00000
32Morgan Jenkins0000
33John Jones0000
34Geoff Guille0000
35Nick Saunders0000
36Dave Uren0000

Key:  Extra point for hill record  |  Dropped score 

Rounds 3 & 4 at Barbon Manor were cancelled. The Championship was decided on the best 26 results from 32 rounds.