British Hill Climb Championship Results 2013

The table on this page shows the results in the 2013 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers competed over 34 rounds with the total of their best 28 results deciding the result.

PosDriver 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334TotalDropFinal
1Scott Moran1010681010101010101091110891199119101010108857827618258
2Trevor Willis58109088999910101081011689108979788109991027933246
3Wallace Menzies796999868097711461010710999620892040204
4Alex Summers9504087588377097685889910101071770177
5Roger Moran89510846473776976835822455467661777170
6Will Hall37776747643672453407451224523241335128
7John Bradburn0682567655456641544436631121150115
8Jos Goodyear638058511863400777851010101
9Tom New32301664663436024160060
10Deryk Young1537864557100557057
11Richard Spedding445104015611033003647047
12Paul Haimes352020027820000110503344044
13Dave Uren122230343402512040038038
14Alastair Crawford5353101110532110032032
15Eynon Price23431020217017
16Darren Warwick009716016
17Simon Fidoe02500310010
18Ed Hollier025707
19Mike Lee23505
20Pat Roche004404
21George Coghill Jnr40404
22Nick Saunders22404
23Simon Moyse000112404
24Steve Marr03303
25Steven Day2010303
26Mike Manning20202
27John Mackenzie2202
28Graham Wynn1001202
29Nicola Menzies010101
30Brian Moyse01101
31Les Mutch1101
32Lee Griffiths0000
33James Blackmore0000
34Paul Le Messurier0000
35Tony Hunt0000
35Paul Alexander0000
37Susan Young0000

Key:  Extra point for hill record  |  Dropped score 

Round 6 at Barbon Manor was cancelled due to heavy rain causing a delay during the meeting. The Championship will now be decided on the best 27 results from 33 rounds.