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Scott Moran at Harewood Glasses Camera

Scott Moran wore my glasses camera during a practice run during the British Hillclimb Championship event at Harewood Hillclimb. He set a time of 52.95 on this run which he would later knock almost 3 seconds of while winning both rounds of the championship.

Scott wears a yellow tinted visor which explains the colour of the video and I need to experiment with other settings to try to avoid the focussing issue and the camera getting confused by the bright sky. But as a first use I'm pleased with the result and hope to get more driver's eye views during the season.

2013 Hillclimb Calendars

SOLD OUT : I'm sorry to say that I have now sold out of 2013 Calendars. Due to an offer from the printers I had to commit to the number of copies before the end of October and so couldn't risk ordering too many. A subsequent, but not quite as good, offer meant I was able to order more after the initial batch had sold out but it meant those were sold at below cost.

As the printer's latest offer has now expired I will not be able to get any more before February so this is a good time to make the cutoff.

Thank you to everyone that purchased a calendar and has had nice words to say about them. I hope you enjoy them throughout the year.

If you missed out on getting a calendar, or even if you did, follow ZiPP on facebook and you will get each week's photo posted every Monday and also access to with other candid photos that don't appear here and more updates.

Thanks again


Trevor Willis - 2012 MSA British Hill Climb Champion

Congratulations to Trevor Willis on winning the 2012 British Hill Climb Championship

Full Result

1 Trevor Willis
2 Scott Moran
3 Roger Moran
4 Jos Goodyear
5 Wallace Menzies
6 Lee Adams
7 Will Hall
8 Tom New
9 John Bradburn
10 Richard Spedding

View the Full Championship Results Table

2012 Images - Changes to how I will work

To save some time this year, rather than editing all photos before they go on the site, I'm going to upload rough black and white uncropped images and then spend more time on processing the images that are purchased. This should mean I can get the images up more quickly, avoid getting behind, keep up my motivation and focus more time on the drivers that support me.

I realise it is a step down from what I have done in previous year, that it might disappoint some people and that the rough photos won't look as good but this should save me a lot of time each week and needs to be done if I am still going to cover as many events. In 2011 I was spending around a day and a half each week editing photos, as well as the two and a half days at events.

Hopefully people will understand that the final photos will look better than they do on the site.

2011 CDs of Images

Thank you to everyone that has expressed an interest in getting CDs of all photos for them over the year again.

Rather than charge based on the number of images I've decided to sell them at a fixed price of £40 for all images of a driver from 2011. I think that is a fair price for drivers that I have captured at a few events and is a bargain for those whose path I have crossed more frequently.
Single images can be brought for £6 each, delivered by email. Please use the checkout option in the gallery to order photos in that way.

To find how many images I have you can search the gallery using the driver's name. I take the names from the entry lists so if it is a name that is sometimes spelled differently, e.g Steve and Stephen, you may need to search for both.

If you would like to order a CD please enter the drivers name in the box below, along with any alternative spellings, and click the Buy Now button. That will take you to the secure payment pages run by PayPal where you can pay using a credit or debit card or using an existing PayPal account. I will then get the CD made up and posted to you.

I have all the images from the three midland hills edited for this year but have a few other events left to complete. If you competed at any of these events please make a note on the form below and I'll make sure I don't send the CD out until they can be added - it will also mean I will prioritise the events with the most interest. The outstanding events are Doune (June & Sept), Wiscombe (July) & Gurston (Aug).

Please Enter Driver's Name

List Any Outstanding Events

If you have already purchased images from this year (thank you!) and would like a full CD, please order the CD as normal and I will then issue a refund to match what you have already spent (excluding the postage costs if applicable). Just to be clear, that means your total cost for the year will be £40. When ordering please make a note on the Paypal page under 'special instructions to the seller' to say what you have purchased before so I don't miss it.

If you have any questions please use the contact form and I'll get back to you asap.



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