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Start your engines for 2010

I thought I should post an update here before the hill climb season get's fully going. I'm hoping to make more posts this year but as I'm not much of a writer, and there are others that will do a much better job of reporting events, it will probably be soradic posts on random subjects.

Thank you to everyone that has watched 1 Day at Shelsley Walsh and let me know what they think of it. It has just past 5000 views which is much more than I was expecting. I'm hoping to do another side project this year but am still to decided exactly what form it will take. It will probably be focused on Loton Park as it is their anniversary this year and I'll be there more than anywhere else.

On the subject of events, this year I'm hoping to be at all days at Loton, all Midland Championship events and all mainland British Championship events. I would really like to do the 'overseas' events as well but I don't think it is going to happen. Feel free to try to convince me to go ;)

Since the end of last year I've been looking at new cameras and lenses and have now upgraded neally all my kit for this year. Hopefully this will mean I'll be able to increase the quality of my images and they will be suiltable for printing at even larger sizes. From the first two weekends at Loton this year I'm happy with the results and they should get better as I learn how to get the most out of it. I'll save you from all the geeky details but the credit card is smoking as camera kit seems the only thing that goes up even faster than petrol prices. So I really hope you like the results this year... so...

Thank you to everyone that brought CDs of their 2009 photos at the end of last year or single images during the year. The site has now been updated to make it easier to order single images and I hope I will take some more you like this year. I focus on selling the image files rather than prints as I feel things are moving to more digital use of images and once you have the file you can use it however you wish. I feel this is fairer than selling prints and having a markup on each one and should be cheaper for you, especially when you want larger prints.

Unfortunately some people have taken images off this site without permission, including some that have gone as far as removing my logo before posting the images back online. Despite taking 100s of photos each weekend I find it quite easy to recognise my images and they will be found. Previously I've just made a mental note of who has done this and taken it no further as I like to keep things relaxed but as more use of images goes from print to digital I'm going to have to be more strict. I've avoided putting a more secure watermark on the images as I want to keep them enjoyable to browse. Hopefully the majority of people that have taken images in the past have just made a mistake thinking the images were free and the new, clearer purchase options will make them realise they are not. I hate having to say this as it makes me sound grumpy (I'm not, even though I often look fed up!) but it is very costly, in time as well as money, to produce these images and I won't be able to keep doing it with no return.

So I'm now desperately trying to think of a way to end this on a lighter note... hmm... I'm stumped. I'll just wish you all all the best for 2010 and I hope to meet more of you as I'm going to try to spend a little more time around the paddocks taking some off track photos this year.

1 Day At Shelsley Walsh

This is some time lapse photography I've been doing at Shelsley Walsh this season.

I decided to try something different as a project for the year and it has been a steep learning curve. There are definitely things I would do differently now but I am quite pleased with the results.

I'd love to hear any feedback on this.

Update: You can hear some more samples of music from the artist featured on this clip here. I'm very grateful to be allowed to use the song here.

Gurston Results & the British Championship

Others may well have worked this out but as it has just taken me ages to do is so I thought I would share it here. I think it is right! [Updated: The original details were totally wrong! This is attempt number 2!]

For Scott Moran not to become British Champion at Gurston Down for the second year in a row Trevor Willis needs to score at least 14 points more than him. If Scott comes away with less than 4 points then Trevor has a currently dropped 6 that could come into play. In that case Trevor can still keep a chance alive by scoring at least 8 points more than Scott's total in one round.

The scoring rules don't make it easy!

It seems likely that the celebrations will be at Gurston again.

There are plenty of other battles in the championship table to keep interest up till the end of the year. Thankfully most will now be dropping 0 points so it makes it easier to follow them!

Thanks, Photos & Facebook.

Since this is my first weekend without a hill climb for a while I guess it's time I posted an update here. Firstly I want to thank everyone who has had nice things to say about my photos this year. It is both a great motivation to keep trying to improve and also good to finally speak to more people in the sport - That has mostly been my fault in the past for being up the hills all day but now I'm trying to take some more paddock shots, and will be staying over more in my new little camper, I hope to meet more of you.

I've noticed recently that there are quite a few drivers and their friends on Facebook. If you would like some of my photos of you added to Facebook just add me as a friend and I'll get a few of the better ones uploaded and tagged. I have now added a link on every photo page to share it on Facebook. My Facebook profile is here so please still add me as a freind and you can become a fan of ZiPP Photography to findout when the latest photos are added and see some random photos.

If you would like a print of a photo you can buy the full size files, that I'll email to you, which you can then get printed at what ever size you want using your own printer, one of the online printing companies or in store in most Boots or Jessops. By sending you the file it should make it more affordable for you to go for a larger print.

My plans for the rest of the year are to do all the British Championship rounds on the mainland, all the Midland champion rounds and then any other interesting events when there is a weekend free. I had a really good time at the Channel Island rounds last year but aren't currently planning to make that trip this year as a few friends aren't going and the weather was so good last year that it could be a let down - especially if I end up as billy no mates in the rain! Instead there is a Shelsley meeting with bikes and classics that could be a bit different.

I'm sure there was something else I was going to put in this update but the F1 is about to start so I'm off to watch that. Have a good season all.


2009 British hillclimb season gets off to cracking start

After the long winter the hillclimb season is finally here. I'll leave the commentary to others (HDLCC, Top 12 Run Off) but it was a fantastic weekend with great racing, great people and great weather. Here's to a full a season just like it - though I think I'll keep my waterproofs packed.

Photos from the first competitive event at Loton Park are now available here.

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